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from $100
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Promotional Windows
design & lettering by michaelm
Window Promotional
Advertising Increases Sales All Year Round

On Average, you have less than 2 seconds to deliver your message to thousands of potential customers driving by your retail Point of Purchase.

Your storefront windows are huge billboards.

Design is Key
in Directing Impulse Buys

Exterior Windows and Banners

Your most cost effective and best form of advertising. Change your promotions every 6-8 weeks, with a fresh new design.

All Promotional Windows are custom designed in brilliant fluorescent SignRite colors. Durable, weather and sun resistant and yet easy to remove!

Promo Window
Questions & Answers

Curt Hanthorn wrote:

My name is Curt Hanthorn and I am a muralist, pewter designer and painter. I have had a few inquiries from people who want me to do window splashes on their businesses. I have done a couple but am a bit frustrated with the paint.

I found you thru a google search and you have very impressive work! I am hoping if you can answer a couple of questions for me?

I want to use the bright fluorescent colors that seem to be standard. I have used Tempera paint. It has washed off in a rainstorm! How embarrassing! I had to redo the entire job.

Next, I used SignRite brand enamel (oil-based). That stuck fine to the window but the hot Florida sun seemed to fade the brightness fairly quickly, over just a few days of direct sunlight. Plus, I am not too sure about using enamel on glass, would SignRite brand water-based paint work any better? Do you use Water-based or Oil-based SignRite?

I am at my wits end with this. I am very talented at it, but kind of scared to take on another job until I am confident in the paints I use. If you could please help me with a solution, I would be very grateful for any advise you can offer.


I’ve painted more than a few promotional windows in your great state and I know the force your rain bursts can have. Your design should have weathered that kind of downpour. Also, a professional water base florescent color should last at least 6 to 8 weeks minimum under the brightest Floridian sun.

Did you apply an exterior white water base latex over your design before applying colors? Tempera and florescent colors are transparent. The idea is to stain the florescent color on the white latex which punches the colors.

1. I use the cheapest white chalk I can find for layout. The expensive chalk is much more dense and is inherently harder to apply on the window.
(the dirtier the window, the easier the chalk lays and the paint adheres better).

2. I snap straight lines with a blue palm held carpenter's chalk, rubbed across the string side of a small, medium or large bow.
(use the background reflections for level reference)

3. I fill in the layout with a premium white water base exterior latex and apply water base florescent colors with a 3" roller (medium napp) & pan for each color. I prefer SignRite colors.
(cover the pans with aluminum foil, wash and spin the rollers dry for the next job).

5. It’s all followed with a tempura black outline covering the imperfections of the rolled edge.

I’ve come to prefer a French Master, Russian Long Haired Squirrel Tail, flat or quill lettering brush on a window (no squirrels are harmed in the process). I hold the brush between my thumb and first two fingers for control and ease, even around curves. The French Master brush lays a good, long, solid black line, quick and easy.

In my sign travels, I’ve called on McLogan Sign Supply to help me find the nearest supplier that carried professional colors. Or they would simply send my supplies to the nearest US Post Office. Saved me lots of time and money.

I’m sure they can help you remedy your color quandary. And please tell them "artist michaelm referred me", I’d really appreciate it.

Call: (714) 999-1194 - McLogan Sign Supply, 711 S East St, Anaheim, CA 92805

I price windows at $100 - $150 each. And I've been known to complete a set of $1200 promo window in 8 hours. The best part is the repeat business. The merchants experience a surge in sales and quickly get used to that extra income.

You’ll find yourself revising promo window designs every 6 weeks to 90 days. I raised my family with promo windows. All my sign shops thrived with promo windows as bread and butter. The other signs, walls, banners, sho- cards and balloons became pure profit.

I use SignRite fluorescent Commercial Colors
The Finest, Brilliant, most, Durable Fluorescent Colors
Weather & Sun Resistant
The Original Daylight Fluorescent Color Manufacturer
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